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Willing to learn how to choose your bridal jewelry without getting too clumsy or too simple?

The dream day of every woman is her Wedding!  She has a multitude of stories to narrate about that one day throughout her life.  I know it is the same for you too as for me!  But when you plan your big day apart from other aspects to shine as a stunner bride, paying attention to your special investment – Jewelry becomes more inevitable, isn’t it?  Now if you are willing to learn how to choose your bridal jewelry without getting too clumsy or too simple?  Drop in at Abiraame Jewellers for the artistic jewels ever!

Family heirloom!

            You are sure to be blessed with the goodness of your family heirloom jewels that your mom or grandma has given you.  Never miss to give some space for them to fit into your jewel collections! 

Your vision about your bridal trousseau jewelry!

            Apart from this, perfection in your selection of jewelry comes when every element is in sync with your vision about your grand and exciting day.  Then you can follow these tips to be the true princess of your family and ease up your bridal chafes!

·         Put careful thought in choosing your engagement ring.  Thin fingers need that long designs and a little stout finger needs the slimy rings!  Most of the times they are the ones treasured for lifetime and becomes your family heirloom later on.  Plus you can add on some stackable rings with innovative designs that you can mix and match to wear in all the upcoming occasions where people will have a special eye on the new Bride!

·         Choosing subtle yet gorgeous jewelry without any gaudy or tawdry touch is always better!  Perceive your neckline whether it is narrow or broad, then choose your neck wears to be layered with the right kind of chokers, necklaces and harams aligned with your theme of dressing!

·         Jewelry should comprehend your wedding robes which are well decided in advance!  Mangal sutras must be checked for any sharp edges that may cause hassle to your fabric.  For perfect finishing of jewels, you can expect none other than Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore to do the job better for you!  And we have nearly seen more than 5000 marriages since the day of start by our founder Mr. Palaniappan!  We take pride in calling ourselves the luckiest ever jewellers to buy mangalyam. 

·         Pick a pair of earrings that match your hairstyle and dress colour!  The earrings you wear should neither be more heavy nor light.  If it is light then you will not be able to steal the show or if it is heavy then you may not be able to carry them throughout the procedure of rituals and other religious ceremonies throughout the day.

·         Make your wrists more glamorous by selecting the right bangles!  If you have the habit of wearing bangles regularly then it is better to keep a simple and a grand one which you can integrate to give a better look!

            Check for all the jewels with proper quality, purity and buy them from trustworthy jewelers like us to treasure it for your future as a solid investment too!


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