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UMIKO CORAL PENDENT – உமிக்கோ பவள பதக்கம்

Umiko means ‘child of the sea’

The elegant piece of statement jewelry designed especially for the person with substance!  Anywhere you go wearing this coral; you carry vitality, energy and ambition along.  This spectacular pendant will own the situation making it favorable to you.  Try the real corals from the best 916 gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

An illustrious stone which symbolizes war and creates an air of action on the wearer is this Umiko coral pendant.  You can live a royal life with a gem like this on you as it increases confidence and courage, enhances your ability to overcome obstacles or challenges, believed to have positive effects and healing qualities with high energy and also make you logically approach unfinished tasks and get rid of procrastination totally from your life.  All the best to all your endeavors with this adorable, simple pendant!