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TAWOOS NECKLACE – டாவூஸ் அட்டிகை

Tawoos means ‘peacock’. A majestic bird which is a symbol of royalty, spirituality, awakening and guidance modeled into a differently shaped neck-piece, fashionable enough to catch the eye of every soul in just 35 grams of 22KT yellow gold.  Peacock craze in jewels is always there, but still this one piece with an utterly different shape altogether is a super hit.

The pendant shaped like a peacock feather with an enameled peacock on it just makes every girl go crazy with this necklace.  How thoughtful the artisan is!  He has just made it strong with proper support and at the same time distinct from other normal necklaces, agreed?  Then what are you waiting for?  You can in fact, create an occasion to wear this Tawoos necklace and show it to your friends and relatives.  Just add to cart and order online with a single click.  Enjoy showing it off as always jewels are a woman’s pride!

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