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SIRONA HESSONITE RING – சிரோனா கோமேதக மோதிரம்

Sirona means ‘star – a female deity’

In 10.28 grams of 22KT yellow gold approximately is this hessonite ring governed by the malefic planet Rahu, whose name ‘Hesson’ comes from the Greek term which means inferior.  It is also known as Gomed and has positive effects on the human body, mainly on your mooladhara chakra.

If you feel any damaging energies and vibes around you, then wear this hessonite ring to shield yourself from it.  It boosts harmony and accord in marital life when both the partners wear the hessonite rings.  If you wish to attain best results in your business or in need of any cure for ailments like epilepsy, allergies etc., then you can try wearing this hessonite ring.  Visit Abiraame Jewellers to get certified gemstone jewellery with the 50 years of experienced consultation for free.