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RUHI NECKLACE – ரூகி அட்டிகை

Ruhi means ‘a music tune, a flower, soul or one who touches the heart’.Spice up your office wear with a touch of your soulful taste to jewellery!  Whether you are a sari or salwar or a uniform person, you can select such mild designed jewellery with a simple chain and a heart shaped pendant, to show that you mean work.  But still a jewel adds to your confident look, so don’t forget it!

            Why keep aside jewellery for occasions alone?  It’s time you wear them and flaunt yourself everyday rather than wait for time to come, isn’t it?  After an entire passionate chase towards your dreams as a woman you deserve to be showered with the right gifts that fill your heart with joy. And if those gifts come at an affordable cost with satisfying your fashionista person needs, you can never miss to add this piece to cart now and pocket it for yourself.

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