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OZZY RUBY RING – ஓஸி மாணிக்க மோதிரம்

Ozzy means ‘divine power or divine protector’

Ruby is the most sought-after gemstone among all women in general and it is always identified for its blood-red color as well as solidity and robustness.  This stone bestows name, fame and luck in all your endeavors.

Evidently identify your goals and maneuver all your energy towards that goal with the help of an external positive energy like this splendid ruby ring made in 9.31 grams of 22KT yellow gold from Abiraame Jewellers – the best gemstone dealers in Singapore who give free consultation now.  Connecting you to the base chakra and the earth star chakra wearing a ruby ring helps you to release high spiritual energy into the Earth and feel more connected with nature.  Buy it!  Wear it! And Enjoy your experience!