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OVOID EMERALD RING – ஓவொய்ட் மரகத மோதிரம்

Ovoid means ‘egg-shaped or oval shaped’

A trusted jeweller from whom you can buy original, certified emerald gemstones and also be assured that you are investing in the right thing at the right place.  In just 5.18 grams of 22KT yellow gold the oval shape emerald stone in engraved on a beautiful, simple ring and is available for you from Abiraame Jewellers.

Emerald gives a healing energy to the chakras in your body and helps you in entering and attaining depth in a meditative state.  Any relationship is made stronger with the help of emerald stone when worn by both of them.  Success in all endeavors is what emerald never fails to give the wearer of it.  This is the reason why this stone is most preferred!