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OM NAVARATHINA RING – ஓம் நவரத்தின மோதிரம்

Om means ‘The one and only pranav mantra’

The ring in which the pranav mantra is engraved with the nine celestial gods represented in navarathina form is this 11.28 grams of 22KT yellow gold ring from your best gemstone dealers in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

The Sanskrit word ‘Nav’ meaning nine and ‘ratna’ meaning ‘gems’ are combined together naming ‘Navratna’ and the places in which the stones are engraved is also quintessential to work right in your life.  That is done perfectly by our expert craftsmen with nearly 50 years of gemstone experience.  Even though initially navratna jewels were worn for looks purposes, nowadays the reason is to possess the mystical powers that each gem contains.  It works rightly too!  Try it out and get benefited.