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MIRABELLE NECKLACE – மிராபெல் அட்டிகை

Mirabelle means ‘wondrous, wondrous beauty’. Do you wish to rename fashion and lifestyle?  Are you willing to be remembered as a stunning bride ever seen by your friends and relatives in recent weddings?  Have you ever seen anything carved more perfect than nature?  You can see all in this one piece from Abiraame Jewellers created by our goldsmiths with only passion and vision.  They love their profession more than themselves and now their work has become the need of any ultra-modern woman.

You can’t decide whether it is the leaf like design of this beautiful necklace or the gold balls arranged like a garland – which adds more to its glory and magnificence.   Isn’t it that stunning a piece which suits your lehenga or a pure silk sari just perfectly when you witness a majestic occasion? Or satisfy your desire to celebrate yourself with a deserving jewel for all that you have achieved in life crossing utmost hardships? Try it from your Singapore’s best gold shop ever!

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