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LISNA NECKLACE – லிஸ்னா அட்டிகை

Lisna means ‘brilliant, good’.  916 hallmark gold jewels in naïve, straight forward designs within your reach in just less than a pawn of gold.  Can you ever say no to this piece which you can order online?  It is awesomely made with just 5.17 grams of gold, yet looks great when you wear it with a formal wear like a neat trousers and shirt or a decent salwar.

Accentuate your best features and look cool with simple yet essential accessories.  A pretty, plain necklace with minimal design and a heart shaped pendant will do a hell lot of good to your formal office outfit.  Choose right to suit all occasions, outfits, style preferences and also within your budget from the best gold jewellery shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

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