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KRIZIA RUBY RING – க்ரிசியா மாணிக்க மோதிரம்

Krizia means ‘unknown’

             Even before diamonds came into the scene, rubies were ruling the minds of women.  May be for the bright-red color or its texture, rubies carry their head high in the air and if you are a cancerian, you can take pride in owning the same as it is your birthstone.

Ruby helps you in retaining wealth; intensify the feeling of love and rage along with the courage to have a positive outlook.  So don’t fail to order online this 4.11 gram of 22KT yellow ring engraved with an oval-shaped ruby ring from your Abiraame Jewellers – the best gemstone dealers of Singapore who give free gemstone consultation to you.  You can always embrace success effortlessly and smoothly thus, feeling more generous towards life by wearing this ruby ring.  Get benefited at the earliest!