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KALYA BANGLES – கால்யா வளையல்

Kalya means ‘praise’, ‘pleasant’, ‘auspicious’. Liven up your look by adding more pairs of daily wear bangles to your jewellery wardrobe by giving yourself more preferences to break your routine.  For this to happen effortlessly, order from people who are known for their reasonable gold price in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers. Bangles have a rich history and are known to be the auspicious ornaments worn by women everyday as well as for simple or grand occasions.  In spite of adding more charm to your look, they are considered to be a symbol of health, wealth and prosperity.  Stick to traditions by wearing bangles regularly while at the same time cheering up you with ‘N’ number of day-to-day bangle designs from us.  Waiting to decorate your wrists every second – Kalya Bangles!

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