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KALEHO EARRING – கலேஹோ காதணி

Kaleho means ‘cowry shell’

A jewellery lover will never miss a conch-shaped earring and that too this one which fascinates you in just one look.   A sizzling 3.65 grams earring made in 22KT yellow gold with small white stones crowning its domicile feel makes you just click the wish list button and make it yours, isn’t it?

For those who are bored with the normal round-shaped, floral or any basic model of earring, this is an extravagant jewellery addition to your dressing kit.  The eternal beauty of nature makes a designer look into it not only for inspiration but for admiration too.  Our artisans carve that natural instinct to thrill and steal the mind of our customers consistently and this time also they did not fail to do their job as usual!  If you admit the same, what are you waiting for?   Go ahead and order online to enjoy wearing jewels!