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KALAPI NECKLACE – காலாபி அட்டிகை

Kalapi means ‘peacock, nightingale’. A garland of peacock feathers with filigree designs which steals the attention of every soul and makes you long for it can happen only when you visit us.  The natural scene of a peacock dancing in rain bagged into 22KT yellow gold from our masterly artisans making it a limelight of the day.

Isn’t this the pinnacle of a hand crafted jewellery which substantiates there is nothing like it in the world?  If you need your jewels to do all the talking in an occasion you attend, order online this piece from the best place to buy gold in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.  Not only the talking but every piece you select from us would be the evergreen collection which never loses its gaze and stare.  When you glide along graciously on your day, let all the eye shots be on you!

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