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JYOTHI BLUE SAPPHIRE RING – ஜோதி நீல சபையர் மோதிரம்

Jyothi means ‘light of sun; a flame’

             The neelam oval stone touching your fingers when worn in a ring form brings focus in your life without any confusions or doubts in any of your endeavors along with broadening your perspective and bringing mental clarity.

You can also bring spiritual upliftment in your life which is a result of mental agility.  It protects you from envy and disloyalty.  It eases social interaction and believed to banish hoax totally from your soul.  Buy online from your Abiraame Jewellers any gemstone that you need because the authenticity and genuineness of the gem that you buy is quintessential.  A certified, original gemstone is always what we promise you.  Come and get served with the best of best always!