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GALENA HESSONITE RING – கெலெனா கோமேதக மோதிரம்

Galena means ‘small intelligent one’

        Hessonite is an important gemstone in vedic astrology.  It is also known as Gomed Ratna and is ruled by planet Rahu, a malefic planet.  To work wonders in your life and reap the benefits get our free consultation from Abiraame Jewellers before you choose it so that your horoscope gets positively affected by the gem.

Neutralizing the evil effects along with calming your mind, wearing Gomed improves your concentration.  When worn by married couples it is a boon to enhance their love and bring happiness in their life.  If you are a public speaker it increases your influence over large crowds.  Give it a try and get the real benefits from the best gemstone dealers of Singapore.