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FLORIA EARRINGS – ஃப்ளோரியா காதணி

Floria means ‘blooming, flower’

Elevate your basic look with tip-top accessories in no matter of time.  Even for your vibrant vacation-ready look accompanying your maxi dresses you need the mint fit accessories, isn’t it?  Choice of only 4.52 grams of 22KT yellow gold Floria earring will enhance your magnificence!

Make your ultimate summer statement with span-new, comfy jewels than spending most of your time in picking up new and suitable outfits.  A simple white jeans and a sleeveless top does look more dolled-up with a bonny gold floral earring.  Normally, white-stoned earring packs a major punch and incorporates glamour and style into almost every outfit resembling the diamonds.  You can make it effortlessly a part of your jewellery wardrobe/accessory kit in just one click by ordering online from the best gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.