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DIYA EMERALD PENDENT – தியா மரகத பதக்கம்

Diya means ‘lamp’

A pearl shaped stunning gemstone worn mostly for fashion or style purposes than its astrological benefits.  Anyways, it is an ideal gemstone that is suggested for people who work in the field of art like making a career in music, painting, dancing, interior decoration, fashion designing etc.

It is also considered to be a stone of communication and aids the wearer to express his thoughts and views in a perfect way which is irrefutable by anyone.  A wonderful gemstone for all businessmen to bring success in their endeavors and overcome difficult situations that he faces with strong intuition power and enables him/her take better decisions.  It clearly removes emotional pain from your heart too!    Visit Abiraame Jewellers – The best gemstone dealers in Singapore for free gemstone consultation.