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DIANELLA EARRINGS – டையானெலா காதணி

Dianella means ‘divine’

Much appreciated by the fashionistas, a statement pair of earrings that has an inscrutable glam and makes you be remarked wherever you wear it!  If you wish to show your passion for fashion, don’t miss this piece from your perfect carvers of gold in Singapore.

A detailed piece of earrings which shows your womanly attitude and you are set to conquer the world with your love.  The bossy vibe is sure to cover up the entire crowd when you choose your fittings right.  Those looks will do half your job and the remaining will fall in place at ease.  So, every woman needs to give extra care in selecting her right jewels, ain’t it?  And for this to happen, you need to order from the right place with modish collection like Abiraame Jewellers.