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DAFFODILS BABY EARRINGS – டேஃவடில்ஸ் குழந்தை காதணி

Daffodils symbolize ‘rebirth and new beginnings’

An ideal choice for your little angel when she turns three!  Don’t you think she deserves this cute little golden flower for all her naughtiness which kept you busy and gave those haunting memories forever in your life?

There is no more accessory that is elegant and adorable than a gold hanging for the princess of your home.  You can admire her every moment when she keeps sporting around entertaining you.  Don’t hesitate to pick it up for her in only 2.35 grams of 22KT yellow gold from the best 916 gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.  A big and suitable hanging, which is petite, pleasant and gives a homely appearance, can be worn up to 7 years and also kept forever as keepsake jewellery.  These keepsake jewelleries have precious sentimental value in long term belonging to your childhood days giving an overwhelmed feeling when you look at it.  Enjoy those moments which can conquer your mind and help you identify your real self later too.