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COEUR BABY EARRINGS – இதயம் குழந்தை காதணி

Coeur means ‘heart’ in French

A perfect selection of infant jewellery can be made only in your best gold jewellery in Singapore, Abiraame Jewellers along with ear piercing.  A simple earring with smooth edges that is apt for newborn and also suits kids up to 6 year old is this Coeur earring made with only 1.44 grams of 22KT yellow gold.

As it does not have any sharp edges or patterns that is disturbing, your child is sure to be comfortable and happy wearing this design.  With a safety screw behind, which can be tightened and checked even on a daily basis it is appropriate to be worn at all times.  Either when she is awake, or when she is playing with you or when she sleeps on her crib.  There is no need to remove it often.  Gold does not cause any allergy to kids generally and it is safer than any other metal.  So give it a thought before you pick a jewel for your little loved one!