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CLEMATIS EARRINGS – ஃகிளீமேடிஸ் காதணி

Clematis is a climbing plant of the butter cup family

                Just 1.25 grams of 22KT yellow gold, five petalled flowers that is simple, elegant and classy for a daily wear for kids.  Isn’t it an ideal gift for your little one or your friend’s child on her birthday?  Even a facile design brings a smile on any little girl’s face when it is a gift, aren’t we right?  You can make this gifting process simple by making an order online from Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.

Such weightless jewellery pieces make her feel light and thus give more comfort and ease to carry her around in normal situations or when she plays around.  Pressed on her ears like a flower tattoo carved in gold, she can feel the feathery nature of the earring which will even stop her habit of removing all accessories before going to bed.   She is sure to keep this kind of earring on her always as it is so airy and light weighted.