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CHANDRAKHI NECKLACE – சந்திரகி அட்டிகை

Chandraki means a ‘moon, shine’. 22KT yellow gold necklace with a musical note!  Featured with pear-shaped beads hanging above the circular peacock engraved pendant looks astounding and stunning for hand-crafted jewellery and also makes it rich and gives striking look to the necklace dumbfounding everybody.

Like how we all would enjoy a beautiful rainbow, this design is colorful and catches the eye of all people looking at it.  The center flower which joins the pear-shaped motif design chain adds more charm to the necklace and below the peacock winks at you with one eye carved fabulously by skilled artisans and all together makes it an alluring piece.  Enjoy choosing the right jewels from your gold jewellery Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

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