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Camelai means ‘gift of god’

                Since ages earrings are the key jewellery every woman wears.  Though believed to be a part of temple jewellery, jhumkas has been adopted by woman as mainstream jewellery.  The main preference of brides is to wear jhumkas on their main day of wedding, which look rich and also because they enhance and align their jaw lines.

Jewellery that is vintage yet contemporary and hasn’t seen extinction is jhumkas.  Suiting best with traditional dresses it is now also worn with the classic, stylish, modish western outfits too.  This change is due to the grace added to it with precious gems and stones in recent times.  Astrologically compatible with each other, emerald and ruby share a friendly bond.  Red and green goes well with each other and also gives positive effects in your life and health, recharging your energy levels and keeping you in high spirits.    Visit Abiraame Jewellers, the expert gemstone dealers to choose and wear your right birthstone and benefit out of it.