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BLANDINA FANCY BANGLES – பிலான்டீனா வளையல்

Blandina means ‘ charming’

Investing in jewellery is not a usual thing and when doing that if you make it realizable and enjoyable on remarkable occasions, it would be really wonderful, isn’t it?  Wearing a jewel on your wrist scales back nearly 6000 years ago and is one way of doing it.

In each place it is believed to give a different significance.  In India, bangles are a sign of grace and dignity of a peaceful matrimony.  In Latin America, bangles are a protection against evil.  In Greece, bangles are a shield from heat and a symbol of luck for many of them too.  Having known this you cannot resist from ordering such a fabulous piece of fancy bangles from the best 916 gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.