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BAILEYA EARRINGS – பெய்லியா காதணி

Baileya means ‘the enforcer’ and also the name of a flower in the daisy family. 

For a magnetic personality, who is more romantic, such classic statement earrings would fit right.  A golden flower with a pearl bud blossomed in your garden to press soft on your ears and make you look gorgeous when combined with a western outfit.

Pearls suit your contemporary wears than the vintage ones and especially some dark color dresses like ochre yellow or pepsi blue.  With high comfort levels when you will have to choose an earring to be worn for prolonged periods or all through the day, this light weight one would be apt.  However small part an earring plays, it is always the most noticed one by all of them who look at you, mainly when you talk, they tend to look at your forehead, ears and eyes, isn’t it?  So why leave them blank?  Just fill it with a prime pick from your Abiraame Jewellers!