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AURA RUBY EMERALD EARRING – ஒளி மாணிக்க மரகத காதணி

Aura means ‘soft breeze, wind or breath’

          The most precious gemstones after diamond are Ruby and Emerald!  The queen of gemstones is ruby with its red glory forming the center line of the ear stud along with trio leaves in green sparkling emerald which gives a royal look.  It also highlights the 5.76 grams of 22KT yellow gold making it more glittering and giving an evergreen charm for the wearer.

Brighten up your gold jewellery with added beauty of gemstones like rubies and emeralds.  For getting certified, quality gemstones come to the experienced, expert dealers of gemstones in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.  We have seen an evolution of gemstone jewellery designs and can give the right advice regarding which gemstone suits you.  There are customers who come to buy only one stone for them and end up buying for the whole family when they leave us.  Earrings being an essential accessory for a woman, why should you not choose ones which suits your zodiac sign too?  Give it a thought!