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ANNAMAYIL NECKLACE -அன்னமயில் அட்டிகை

A one-of-a-kind statement necklace with peacock enamel in blue, green, red and yellow colors designed to impress every eyes looking at it.  They not only look but stare at such stunning pieces from your favorite 916 gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

Peacock symbolizes new beginnings and eternal life.  Begin all your new endeavors with the trustworthy chettinad jewellers and order online from us!  The filigree design in both the chain and the pendant makes it a magnificent piece which suits your traditional outfit like a silk sari, gagra or heirloom salwar.  The tiny gold pendant suspended from the peacock design with an O-ring with red enamel around the pear drop makes it look tantalizing.

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