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AAKRITI BANGLES – ஆக்ருதி வளையல்

Aakriti means ‘shape’ or ‘image’. Baroque pieces of jewellery that catch the fancy of women across the world are BANGLES.  Imagine you tweak your empty hands into an adorned limelight in a heartbeat with these pear-shaped bangles.   Doesn’t it sound whimsical?  We can hear a ‘yes’ from you.Then, get ready to be dressed up with this versatile accessory and add to your grace and charm!  The richness of the occasion counts when you select your accessory and you can get it right in the best place to buy gold in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers. Start the music from your wrists and elevate your overall look with this bangle which makes you proud.  This can be made possible with our experienced exquisite craftsmanship.   Own our jewels and be pampered with our varied range of choices to come back for more!